Mudi Specialty – Lexington, KY

Thanagar Mudi had a chaotic, stressful, and very SUCCESSFUL weekend at the Bluegrass Classic in Lexington, KY. My dogs were fantastic. They KILLED it.

Saturday was the Mudi Club of America specialty, and I showed Swift and Puffin. Puffin looked terrible post-puppies so no surprise we didn’t get much love, but Swift was on her game. She showed beautifully and was such a happy girl, and the judge saw what a lovely dog she is and awarded us Winner’s B for a 5 point major!! I nearly lost it but kept it together until after the show.

Flicker and Sas were on dock duty for this event, and both came out on top the days we jumped. Flicker won best jump in the Master division on Saturday, and Sas won best jump in Master (Lap) for the same day. Sas also earned an invitation to regionals (we won’t make it) but that’s now two years in a row that Sas has gotten invites.

Junco’s job for the weekend was lure coursing. With the exception of one flubbed run (he caught the lure, I was not happy), he improved his times each day and finished the weekend with a new personal best run of 7.33 seconds = 27.91 mph. This should move him to first place in the FCAT rankings for the breed if I’ve done my math correctly. Junco won 2nd fastest of the day on Saturday and fastest Mudi on Sunday.

The Thanagar home crew weren’t the only big winners in the family this weekend! Crash and Nightjar, brothers from our Gamers litter earlier this year, both attended the Mudi specialty this weekend with us.

Crash showed in conformation each day and ended the weekend with a Reserve Winners Dog in the Monday show! He also got to try playing around on the dock and gained a lot of confidence in a short time. Crash was mellow and happy all weekend and we’re super proud of him!

Nightjar did NADD dock diving and rocked it! This was his second event ever, and a completely new dock and environment. Nonetheless, Jar set a new personal best of 9‘2” and won the Novice division award for farthest jumping Mudi on Saturday.

The boys were thrilled to see each other again and played all weekend. These guys are a big part of our program’s future and we couldn’t be happier with their progress.

Thanks to everyone who supported me, the club, and the breed this weekend. It was wonderful to finally meet such great friends from around the country, and snuggle all the pups. I’m really proud of MCA and our members.

Battle of the Breeds


In August we competed at Teamworks in NC for the Battle of the Breeds fundraiser! Mudis had a decent showing and our crew did really well.

Sassy won the event’s Lap division with a 14’9” jump, which is also a new personal best for her! I wish more Lap dogs competed, it’s a fun division.

Flicker jumped neck and neck with her brother Rocket all day and while he won gold for the breed, it was super cool to see how consistently these two littermates performed together. They’re now ranked 3rd (Rocket) and 4th (Flicker) for the breed in dock diving!

Junco jumped great and hit a new PB of 13’ – he finished his Dock Junior title, too!


Klimb Classic

In mid-July we packed up four Mudis, a Baussie, and a border collie and drove 15+ hours to take part in the Blue 9 Pet Products Klimb Classic. In the middle of nowhere Indiana we competed in a four-day weekend’s worth of UpDog, dock diving, and fast cat! Oh yeah and we were even given a green Klimb for “swag”.

Camping with four Mudis can be challenging, especially at such a big event. A good “quiet” command comes in handy when they inevitably alert bark. My dogs have been raised going to events though so they’re really very good unless someone sneaks up on us.

We had a ton of fun, as well as some exciting results! Swift and Junco were getting tired so I pulled their jumps and gave them to Flicker and Sassy. And I’m SO glad I did – we had to have a minimum of three jumps each day to get into finals. Sas ended up winning first place in the Master (Lap) division! Though she doesn’t look thrilled in the picture, she jumped her heart out and had a blast. So proud of this girl.

Sassy played and jumped her heart out all weekend and I’m so proud of her. This Mudi-sized ribbon was worth the 30 hour round trip!

An A-MAY-zing Month!

We’ve had a busy month of dog sports!

May started off with a fun conformation show in Pinehurst, NC on Mother’s Day weekend – we took the four “youngsters” (Swift, Puffin, Junco, and Flicker) and everyone had a good time. Swift was awarded Reserve Winners Bitch, and the younger dogs had great experiences in the ring. Sunday, we relaxed with an UpDog Challenge disc event for Junco and Sas.

Junco showing for the first time.

Our sweet boy Junco celebrated his first birthday on May 20, so on the 21st we traveled to his first official Fast CAT event. His first runs on record were 25.65 mph and 26.13 mph. The next weekend, we drove up to Virginia for two more FCAT runs, and Junco nailed the final points needed for his BCAT title! His runs came in at 27.3 mph and 27.46 mph, and he is now Csudacifra Goncol BCAT. This boy is fast and he’s only going to get faster as he matures.

Junco now has his BCAT title.

After our Virginia trip, we headed to Teamworks in Youngsville, NC for a NADD dock diving competition. My goal was to let Flicker and Junco get acquainted with a new dock and location, in preparation for an upcoming qualifier event. Junco had a blast and left with two good baby dog scores – 7’9” and 10’11”. He is building his confidence on the dock and we expect him to just keep getting more air. The real surprise of the day was Flicker, who started off with a 9’ practice jump and finished with two amazing scores of 16’6” and 19’!! Flicker now has the best scores of any female Mudi in the United States for dock diving (second best female is Swift at 16’9”).

Hang in there, we’re not done yet…

Sunday after dock diving, we loaded the whole crew up and headed to Pilot Mountain for an UpDog Challenge disc event hosted by Jam’min Dog Sports. Our team had great scores across the board, but the highlight was Swift setting a new personal best in Frizgility, earning the top score of all dogs who played that day. Flicker also earned her first recorded points in Throw N Go.

Finally, this previous weekend our girls showed in the Salisbury and Hickory Kennel Club shows in Concord, NC. On Friday, Puffin was awarded Reserve Winners Bitch, and on Saturday she took Winners Bitch for a 3 point major! Puffin is officially our first pointed conformation dog and we’re so proud of our beautiful, sweet girl. Swift took Reserve WB behind Puffin.

Our next event is the Teamworks NADD qualifier – wish us luck!

New personal bests!

Saturday, April 30, we decided to play some last-minute UpDog (dog disc) and boy are we glad we did!

Sas played for the first time since her litter and spay, and nailed 2nd place in Throw N Go with a new personal best of 48 points! She was on fire!

Junco earned 3rd place in Greedy and a new personal best of 32 points.

And last but not least, Flicker played her first official game in public, and while we didn’t get a score, she had a blast and it’s obvious she LOVES the game!

We’re still early in the disc season, so I imagine we will have quite a few of our dogs earning invitations to next year’s UpDog International Finals.

UpDIF 2022 – Cadiz, Kentucky

We took a long trip to western Kentucky this weekend to compete in the 2022 UpDog International Finals. This was a long awaited event, cancelled twice because of COVID, and I’ve been qualified since 2020 with the older boys. Swift got her qualifications in 2021 for this year.

The weather was absolutely awful. Until Sunday, it was freezing, sleeting, hailing, snowing, raining, and gusting 15 mph winds all day. Frisbee is hard to play in even perfect conditions some days.

We didn’t play super well most days, but Friday we jammed. Pax tied his own personal best in Frizgility, and then Hawk blew me away with an amazing round – beating his own personal best by FIFTY points. I have never seen my wild boy stay so focused and I was so incredibly proud of him.

The icing on the cake for the weekend however was our surprise podium appearance – with Swifty! Swift placed third in her division (size) in FunKey – making her not only the first Mudi to qualify and attend UpDIF, but also the first Mudi to podium at the event 🤩

Overall, I cannot say enough about my amazing dogs. We played in terrible weather, with four active fields swarmed by humans and other dogs. My crew has never played such an open format before and not once was their focus jarred. Even the dogs who weren’t competing were angels and got plenty of disc time themselves throughout the weekend. Nobody had an issue with the long drive, being crated long days, sleeping in a hotel, or anything else I threw at them over the weekend.

Today I’m refreshed and energized to practice and be even better for next year!

Swift, sporting her 3rd Place medal for FunKey mini division.

Summer Sports Update!

We’ve hit the ground running this summer, and it’s still early!

Our first news to share is that Swift earned her BCAT title! BCAT is the first level title for Fast CAT (lure coursing). Swift debuted in FAST Cat earlier this year at the Piedmont Kennel Club, raced again in Williamsburg, VA, and then earned her first title at her third event in King, NC.

The girls have had a blast dock diving this year, as well. We welcomed Swift’s mother, Sas, to the family a few months ago. Sas loves dock diving, and earned her Dock Master title within two events. Swift has set a new personal best already this season, jumping 16’9” at Teamworks in Youngsville, NC. Both Swift and Sas have earned invitations to the 2021 NADD Regional Championships.

For herding news, we are working hard on new skills. Swift earned two started level herding titles through the American Herding Breed Association last November, shortly before her first birthday. She’s currently the youngest Mudi in the U.S. to achieve started herding titles on sheep! We do not plan to trial again until this fall. 

Stay tuned for more exciting news a little later this summer!

NADD Qualifier @ Teamworks

Swift had a fantastic event this previous weekend at Teamworks Dog Training in Youngsville, NC. She jumped two splashes on Saturday and four on Sunday, and took first place in the Master division (Lap class).

The first place finish earned Swifty an invitation to the regional championship in October. Regionals will be held at the Carolina Training Center in Stony Point, NC.

In addition to her regionals invite, Swift also earned her Dock Master (DM) title! She is now Wodan’s Fastback ATD DM.