Upcoming Litters

Swift delivered four perfect puppies on November 20. All puppies are spoken for at this time.

I am very excited to finally announce Swift’s fall 2022 breeding to Cruzyn Spider!

Spider is a stunning black male out of Cruzyn Kennel. He is athletic and drivey, has a classic Mudi temperament (not in your face, not fearful), and I am certain he brings much to the table to compliment our wee Swifty. Both Spider and Swift have CHIC certifications and health testing is viewable on OFA.

Spider held the NADD dock diving #1 spot for Mudis from 2018-2019, held #2 in 2020 and #3 in 2021. His NADD personal best is 23’2″. Spider also competes in disc dog, and has finished the U.S. Canine Biathlon twice.

Swift is an active farm and working Mudi – she earned multiple herding titles by her first birthday and works stock daily. She is training in search & rescue for live find/area search and will likely certify in 2023. Swift is titled in disc dog and was the first Mudi to podium at an international UpDog final. She currently also trains in agility and rally. Swift is major-pointed and working toward her conformation championship; she was selected Reserve Winner’s B!tch at the Mudi National Specialty in 2021, and Winner’s B!tch at the 2022 Mudi National Specialty.

Spider is 18″ and weighs 33 pounds, Swift is 15″ and weighs 18 pounds. Black and black merle expected, all with full tails. The litter will be confirmed via ultrasound in mid-October with a due date in mid-November.

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