The Out-Foxed Litter

We have a litter of Mudis scheduled for arrival right around July 4, with a go-home time around Labor Day. The parents of this litter are Puffin (black, natural bob tail) and Junco (black merle, full tail). Expected colors for the litter are black, brown, and merle of both colors.

This litter was unintended – originally a planned pairing for 2024/2025 – but the two youngsters out-foxed me. By the time the puppies are born, both parents will have completed: PennHip, patella, CERF (eye), and genetic testing. Both parents will not have completed: OFA elbow.

Puffin is an import from Mexico, out of Bibor (Kovacs) by Dongo (Kovacs). Puffin is 15.5” and weighs approximately 20 pounds, and her genetic COI is 17%. Puffin loves water and tennis balls, is very social with people and dogs she’s warmed to. She is a happy, silly Mudi who loves to make people laugh. Our focus with Puffin has been conformation, and she recently began training in nosework.

Junco is an import from Hungary, out of Szürkevillám Úrnő by Sacaházi Ütem. Junco is 17.5” and weighs 22 pounds, and his genetic COI is 4%. Junco’s dam is a multi-year Hungarian herding championship winner, and Junco is one of our most athletic, driven, and promising young dogs. He is intense and focused while working, whether herding or playing disc, and has a wonderful off-switch in the house. A week after his first birthday, Junco earned a BCAT title (lure coursing) and has a personal best speed of over 27 mph. He has earned a leg toward his first disc title and has placed in numerous disc events since he began competing at 7 months.

Puppies will be AKC registered (UKC eligible) with full 3-generation pedigrees. We expect happy, friendly puppies with drive for sports that should also be easy-keepers in the house. This litter will be priced to reflect missing health testing (elbow), and will be sold on limited registration.

*This litter has the potential to produce drop-coated (not curly) coats. We cannot predict coat type visually in every case.*

If you are interested in being considered for a puppy out of this litter, please reach out. Responding does not guarantee a puppy – I will “interview” each interested buyer and select buyers who fit the available puppies. Puppy selections will not be made until temperament testing is completed.