Welcome to Thanagar Mudi!

We are a small kennel located in North Carolina. Our focus is breeding healthy, functional Mudi dogs with stable temperaments.

Our Beliefs

First and foremost, we believe dogs should be healthy companions with safe temperaments.

As Mudi have been working farm dogs since their creation, preservation of this ability is critical for dogs in our program. We strive to conform to the written Mudi breed standard.

black mudi puppy sits in row of cornstalks.


It is our policy and commitment that we do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, color, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability, or religion.


I try to share regular kennel updates, but sometimes life gets in the way. Please do not assume a lack of blog posts means anything but that we are busy having fun with our dogs!

Mudi Specialty – Lexington, KY

Thanagar Mudi had a chaotic, stressful, and very SUCCESSFUL weekend at the Bluegrass Classic in Lexington, KY. My dogs were fantastic. They KILLED it. Saturday was the Mudi Club of America specialty, and I showed Swift and Puffin. Puffin looked terrible post-puppies so no surprise we didn’t get much love, but Swift was on her…

Battle of the Breeds

In August we competed at Teamworks in NC for the Battle of the Breeds fundraiser! Mudis had a decent showing and our crew did really well. Sassy won the event’s Lap division with a 14’9” jump, which is also a new personal best for her! I wish more Lap dogs competed, it’s a fun division.…

Klimb Classic

In mid-July we packed up four Mudis, a Baussie, and a border collie and drove 15+ hours to take part in the Blue 9 Pet Products Klimb Classic. In the middle of nowhere Indiana we competed in a four-day weekend’s worth of UpDog, dock diving, and fast cat! Oh yeah and we were even given…

Join Our Pack

We are currently not expecting any litters, but feel free to reach out to be placed on our mailing list. Follow us on social media and on our blog for updates. We can occasionally provide breeder or litter recommendations.