Thanagar Mudi consists of Heather (the “boss”), Scott (“the fun parent”), and a pack of sport and rescue dogs. They moved to NC in 2016, and now call the small town of Liberty home.

Welcome to Thanagar.

At Thanagar Mudi, we know dogs. Having been involved in dog rescue and training for many years, we took the leap into Mudi waters in early 2020 after meeting dogs at local herding trials.

Our mission is to promote, protect, preserve, and improve the Mudi breed. We do this through careful selection of breeding stock, and proving them through competition and health testing.

Our dogs compete in numerous disciplines, including herding, agility, disc, dock diving, and conformation. You’ll find titles and health testing information on each dog’s page.

We encourage you to reach out and communicate with us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Behind the Name

We’re often asked where the name “Thanagar” comes from.

Thanagar is an ode to our first sport dog, an Australian Shepherd named Raptor of Thanagar, “Hawkman.”

Thanagar is the home world of Hawkman (DC Comics) and the legendary Nth Metal – a substance which negates gravity.

Affiliations & Recognitions

We are affiliated with a number of local and national clubs – Mudi Club of America, North American Mudi Alliance, and the Durham Kennel Club.

Thanagar has also been recognized by Good Dog as a responsible breeder.