Királytanyai Hush “Finch”

Turbo (B-reg) x Harsakalja Afonya

Update May 2023: Unfortunately, Finch has been removed from our breeding plans and will be spayed. She has experienced neurological symptoms consistent with a particular form of epilepsy. We are very fortunate to have caught this before Finch was bred. She will remain with her co-own family as a loved companion.

This lovely fakó Mudi girl, Finch, as we call her, was bred by Királytanyai Mudi Kennel in Hungary. She will be two years old in September, and joined us here in the States back in January. Finch lives in the Washington, DC area with her co-owner.

So far, we have seen a heart of gold in this pup. She is sweet, affectionate, trusting, and brilliant. Finch charmed everyone at her first UKC conformation show with her fabulous temperament and happy demeanor. She loves water and toys, and had an amazing instinct test on sheep. Basically, she’s the total package!

Watch out for Finch in the UKC show ring as well as other sport venues! As always, a huge thanks to Maya of Királytanyai Mudi for this great breeding.


Name: Királytanyai Hush
Call name: Goldfinch
Color: Fakó
Tail: NBT
DOB: September 2021


Hip (PennHIP):