Bariguard Grumpy “Ward”

Tuzes-Bojtar Ihaj-Csuhaj x Bariguard Full Moon Lis

In spring 2022, we imported a very nice stud puppy from Bariguard Kennel in Békéscsaba, Hungary. Despite being named “Grumpy,” Ward is the total opposite! This guy is such a happy, fun, smart boy who takes everything in stride and keeps his family laughing.

Ward lives in Billings, Montana with his co-owners. He shares his home with a German shepherd and another wonderful Mudi, and is currently training for agility, herding, and maybe dock diving if he likes it!

Ward has a lot of growing up to do, but we’re very excited for what he will bring to our breeding program. His structure, great temperament, and working drive will certainly help us meet our goals of functional, hard-working Mudis who can excel in any environment. 

From Ward’s mom: Ward loves to swim, run, and eat and not always in that order. He’s very much a thinker and curious about everything and anything. Right now, he’s just living the life of a puppy on experiencing new things along with foundation work for agility and herding.


Name: Bariguard Grumpy
Call name: Ward
Color: Black Merle
Tail: Full length
DOB: 2-9-2022


Hip (PennHIP): too young
Elbow: too young
Patella: too young