Thanagar Wodan Crash Bandicoot “Crash”

Koves-Berci Betyar Zapor x Nuuk Iik’K’Aak’Naab

We originally did not intend to keep more than one stud puppy from the Zapi x Sas litter, but Crash (fka Zynga) was too wonderful to pass up! Crash won hearts instantly with his on-the-go independence and sassy personality.

Crash lives in Missouri with his mom, Taylor (Enroute Aussies), and her Australian shepherds and sport dogs.

From Crash’s mom: Tasmanian Devil wrapped in a cute little floof body. Hobbies include: playing with toys, plotting world domination, eating socks, screaming in tongues that would scare any Catholic.

Plans for Crash’s future include conformation, agility, disc, and whatever else makes him happy! Pending maturity and health testing results, Crash will be available as a stud to approved female Mudis.


Name: Thanagar Wodan Crash Bandicoot
Call name: Crash
Color: Black Merle
Tail: Natural bob
DOB: 1-10-2022
Weight: 25 lbs


Hip (PennHIP): too young
Elbow: too young
Patella: too young


Titles: CGC, TKN, TKI