Cruzyn Red Hot Ember “Flicker”

Kiralytanyai Alaszka Kilo x Cruzyn Firefly

Flicker joined our pack in March 2022. She was bred by Cruzyn Mudi in Oregon, and she has many accomplished American and Hungarian dogs in her pedigree. Flicker’s sire, Kilo, is a search & rescue Mudi in Alaska, and her dam, Flash, is a US conformation champion who also performs in agility and obedience.

Flicker immediately made a place for herself at Thanagar as the “wild child” – she never stops moving! This dog oozes drive and brains, and she will throw herself into any fun activity. Flicker took to both dock diving and disc quickly, but her primary “job” is search & rescue training. Flicker is training on human remains detection (both land and water) and we hope to certify her by late 2024 for deployment into the field.

Flicker is a bit taller than our other females, but very light on her feet and incredibly athletic. She has a goofy, playful disposition and is very friendly with people once she’s had time to warm to them. She’s excellent with other polite dogs and loves hiking and swimming. Flicker is very mouthy, and LOVES to tug – it’s her favorite thing ever. We expect any offspring from this girl to be high energy and high drive, like she is. Stay tuned for more as Flicker matures into the graceful lady she will become!


Name: Cruzyn Red Hot Ember
Call name: Flicker
Color: Black
Tail: Full length
Height: 17.5″
Weight: 23 pounds


Hip (PennHIP):
Elbow: too young
Patella: too young


Dock diving: personal best 20′ 1″, Dock Senior title