Sinus Paint Out Tamayo “Puffin”

Dongo (Kovacs) x Bibor (Kovacs)

Puffin, or Puff, was bred by Pure Energy Kennel in Mexico, and is co-owned with Wodan Kennels. Puff has a lovely, solid structure and a very sweet temperament. She is more reserved with strange dogs, but loves people and quickly offers snuggles and kisses to anyone she meets.

Puff is a lower energy Mudi with an excellent off-switch. She is just as happy to cuddle on the couch as she is to spend the day in the woods or at the farm. Puff is currently in the early stages of stock dog training and has shown great instinct with ducks. She is a vocal girl with a silly bounce in her step who keeps us laughing.


Name: Sinus Paint Out Tamayo
Call name: Puffin
Phenotype: Black
Tail: NBT
DOB: 9-15-2020
Height: 15.5″
Weight: 20 lbs


Hip (PennHIP): .4/.44
Elbow: too young
CERF: Passed
Patella: Passed/Normal


Coming soon.