“Game Freaks” Litter – January 2022

Sas x Zapi

Nuuk Iik’K’Aak’Naab x Koves-Berci Betyar Zapor

Zapi (sire)
Sas (dam)

Sas gave birth to five gorgeous merle babies on January 10, 2022. Epic (brown merle male), Sega (black merle male NBT), Havoc (brown merle male), Aspyr (brown merle female, NBT), and Zynga (black merle male, NBT).

Epic (now Nightjar)

Epic was the first born puppy and came with some excitement! He was actually birthed in my hallway – we had gone out for a potty break after eight hours of labor, Sassy and I made eye contact and rushed for the whelping box but it wasn’t fast enough. Epic was a quiet guy for the first couple of weeks, but he’s become a little spitfire and loves toys and mini zoomies in his pen. If his siblings are sleeping and he wants to play, he has no problem chomping on them until they wake up.

Epic, now named Nightjar, is one of my keeper puppies and will be living in North Carolina and co-owned with his new mom, Mariah. We expect great things from this boy!


Sega was an early fan favorite because he’s just so darn handsome with his swirling colors and curls. He has been the biggest puppy in the litter from day one. Sega is playful but mellow, not one to bully his siblings but enjoys bouncing around and goofing off. He has the sweetest face and a personality to match.

Sega now lives in Maine and is an active family pet. This guy’s personality and love of life will make him a great friend to his new two-legged siblings.


Itty bitty Havoc is probably going to live up to his name, and I promise that wasn’t on purpose! Havoc was born third and was noticeably smaller than his two older brothers. That didn’t stop him from coming out kicking and screaming, though.

Havoc is an energetic little man who always gravitates towards the big dogs – especially Swift! Those two love wresting together. When he’s feeling bold enough to let his tail fly, Havoc has a lovely build and should mature with nice structure and balance.

Havoc is the stud owner’s pick, and now lives in Orlando, Florida with his new dad, Josh! Year-round fun is in store for this little guy and he will get to visit his papa Zapi occasionally, too.

Aspyr (now Mabelle)

Our lone little lady, Aspyr! Y’all this puppy is just a treasure. She’s beautiful to look at and just the sweetest, happiest, snuggliest puppy.

Like Sega, Aspyr is more go-with-the-flow than the other two brown puppies. She is content to play alone with toys, or wrestle nicely with her brothers – but she has a zero tolerance policy for bullying and has no problem letting a feisty sibling know that. Aspyr is adventurous with a small side of caution, and isn’t one to rush into things. She is put together very well and is lovely to watch, and has lots of super soft curls.

Zynga (now Crash)

Oh, Zynga! Zynga has been a statement from the start. He was a surprise puppy as we only saw four puppies on x-ray, and he has seemed to be determined never to be last again since that moment. It’s no secret Zynga has been a soft spot for me since day one, as he was nobody’s real favorite.

This puppy is something else! Zynga leads all mutiny attempts and prison escapes. He is a forward puppy who is always getting into something and usually talking about it in the process. Zynga likes to watch what’s going on around him and will often sit at the edge of the pen taking it all in while the big dogs move around the house. This boy plays hard, eats hard, and sleeps hard.

Zynga, now Crash, is co-owned with my friend Taylor of in Missouri and get to do pretty much whatever he enjoys! I can’t wait to watch him grow up with her pack.