“Out-Foxed” Litter – July 2022

Junco x Puffin

Csudacifra Göncöl x Sinus Paint Out Tamayo

Junco (sire)
Puffin (dam)

Puffin gave birth to five wonderful babies on July 1, 2022. Star Fox (black male, curly, natural bob tail), Slylock (black merle male, curly, full tail), Fennec (black female, straight coat, natural bob tail), Zorro (black male, straight coat, full tail), and Ziral (black merle female, wavy, natural bob tail).

Slylock (now Merlin)

From Merlin’s mom:

Merlin is a naughty, busy, disaster Muppet child. He’s so spicy one minute, then begging to be held or carried the next. He finished puppy kindergarten over the weekend, and will be starting “puppy 2” in a couple weeks. He likes free shaping with a clicker, wrestling with his brother, and exercising his vocal talents. He’s had a couple swimming lessons too!


From Fennec’s mom:

Fennec continues to be super sweet and super spunky! She’s either 100% thrill or 100% chill with no in between! She’s been rocking it as a therapy dog working with the little kids at my office!

Favorite hobbies include: Not staying still for photos. Digging, digging and more digging. Rolling around in the dirt. Playing with/pestering her siblings.

Zorro (now Jackdaw)

Jackdaw decided to stay behind with Heather and be part of the Thanagar home team. He shows a TON of potential in herding and just about everything else you throw at him, and has a stellar temperament. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this awesome guy.

Ziral (now Zelda)

Zelda is now living in Buffalo, NY. She’s having a great time with her new mom and enjoying lots of hiking with new dog friends. Though she is doing her best to uphold the time honored tradition of being a naughty mudi. Her favorite activity these days is tangling up her long line as much as possible while also tugging on it (that counts as loose leash walking, right?)

Star Fox (now Artos)

This super sweet boy is now living the dream with two little girls who absolutely ADORE him! He hasn’t gone far and still lives in North Carolina, and is loving puppy class and exploring with his dad.