“The Animals” Litter – November 2022

Swift x Spider

Wodan’s Fastback x Cruzyn Spider

Spider (sire)
Swift (dam)

Introducing the Animals born 11/20/2022

Thanagar Mustela Nivalis “Weasel”, Thanagar Caiman Crocodilus “Caiman”, Thanagar Corvus Corax “Raven”, Thanagar Panthera Onca “Jaguar”


Weasel lives in Ohio with his mom, Amy, and puppy daddy Spider! He is a tenacious, fun little Mudi who keeps the family on their toes. Weasel will definitely be a sport puppy and he may even dabble in conformation.

Caiman (now Strix)

Strix lives in Boise, Idaho. She is training in all the things with hopes of being a dock diver, conformation dog, and maybe even a detection dog. Strix is always on the go and loves her Western adventures.

Raven (now Birdie)

Birdie is our “keeper” puppy from the litter! She lives with a co-owner in Virginia and has already been racking up the titles in dog sports. Birdie is a lovely, petite little girl but she doesn’t let that slow her down. Keep an eye out for more from this little lady as she matures and we see what good things she brings to the table for our breeding program.

Jaguar (now Zane)

Jaguar lives in New York with his pup-parents and is having a blast. He’s being trained to walk along the bicycle so that, when he’s older, they can do bikejoring together. We can’t get enough of this handsome pup and he’s going to be such a stunner!