Klimb Classic

In mid-July we packed up four Mudis, a Baussie, and a border collie and drove 15+ hours to take part in the Blue 9 Pet Products Klimb Classic. In the middle of nowhere Indiana we competed in a four-day weekend’s worth of UpDog, dock diving, and fast cat! Oh yeah and we were even given a green Klimb for “swag”.

Camping with four Mudis can be challenging, especially at such a big event. A good “quiet” command comes in handy when they inevitably alert bark. My dogs have been raised going to events though so they’re really very good unless someone sneaks up on us.

We had a ton of fun, as well as some exciting results! Swift and Junco were getting tired so I pulled their jumps and gave them to Flicker and Sassy. And I’m SO glad I did – we had to have a minimum of three jumps each day to get into finals. Sas ended up winning first place in the Master (Lap) division! Though she doesn’t look thrilled in the picture, she jumped her heart out and had a blast. So proud of this girl.

Sassy played and jumped her heart out all weekend and I’m so proud of her. This Mudi-sized ribbon was worth the 30 hour round trip!

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