Csudacifra Göncöl “Junco”

Sacaházi Ütem x Szürkevillám Úrnő

Junco joined our family in August 2021 from the Csudacifra Kennel in Hungary. Junco’s dam, Szürkevillám Úrnő “Cigle,” is a decorated herding dog in her home country, and his sire, Sacaházi Ütem “Zeusz” comes from old and rare Mudi bloodlines.

While Junco has a long while to mature into a proper working stud dog, he is showing loads of promise and we’re very excited for what this very nice puppy will bring to our Mudi program.

Currently, Junco is training on stock and already competing in disc. We didn’t buy him to be a disc dog, but he is showing loads of promise and at this rate, we expect him to be very competitive in the sport.

Junco continues to have a nearly bomb-proof disposition and is unlike many Mudis in the US at the moment. He is incredibly friendly and laid-back, unless it’s time to work. The ladies in the household recognize him as their up-and-coming pack leader, another testament to his great temperament.

We have plans to breed Junco to Flicker in the future, likely not sooner than 2024. Junco will not be available for stud outside of Thanagar.


Name: Csudacifra Göncöl
Call name: Junco
Color: Black Merle
Tail: Full length
DOB: 5-20-2021


Hip (PennHIP): .28/.24
Elbow: too young
Patella: Clear


Dock diving: personal best 11′ 11″

FastCAT: personal best 7.22 seconds, DCAT title

Disc: DDB (disc dog bronze)