Wodan’s Fastback “Swift”

Koves-Berci Betyar Puszta x Nuuk Ik K Aak Naab (Tanus)

Swift, bred in North Carolina by Wodan Kennels, is our foundation bitch and official introduction to the Mudi breed. We could not have asked for a better girl to begin our journey with Mudi. Swift is not only stunning to look at, she is exceptionally driven, intelligent, biddable, and intuitive.

Swift trains and competes in multiple disciplines, including herding, dock diving, agility, and disc. We also began her conformation career in 2021, and it will be the focus of much of our 2022 training. Swift earned her advanced trick title by the time she was five months old, and her Dock Master (Lap) title at nine months. She trialed and completed both her Herding Ranch Dog (HRD) level one and Herding Trial Arena Dog (HTAD) level one titles before her first birthday. In late 2021, she was the third purebred Mudi to earn a Disc Dog Bronze Elite (DDBE) title and in the spring of 2022, Swift became the first Mudi to compete and podium at the UpDog International Finals.

Another new adventure for Swift is search & rescue training. In late 2021, we joined a local K9 SAR team, and Swift is training as an air-scent “live find” dog – meaning that once Swift and Heather are certified, they will be active in the state and called out to find missing persons when needed. Swift truly loves her search & rescue work and we expect it to be one of her primary jobs going forward.


Name: Wodan’s Fastback
Call name: Swift
Phenotype: Black Merle (Tilia Labs)
Tail: Full length
DOB: 11-23-2019
Height: 15″
Weight: 18 lbs


OFA Results

Hip (PennHIP): .39/.42
Elbow: normal
Spine: normal
CERF: Clear (2/13/21)
Patella: Clear (1/26/21)
OFA CHIC #172702


Dock Diving (Lap division): personal best 16′ 9″, DS and DM titles, regional qualifier 2020 and 2021

FastCAT: personal best 9.95 seconds, BCAT title

Disc: Disc Dog Bronze Elite (DDBE) & Disc Dog Silver (DDS) titles; UPDIF qualifier 2021, 2022, 2023; UPDIF competitor 2022, 3rd place FunKey mini division; UPDIF competitor 2023

Herding: HRD-s I (Herding Ranch Dog level one, sheep) and HTAD-s I (Herding Trial Arena Dog level one, sheep); youngest Mudi to earn started herding titles in US

Additional titles: CGC, ATD, UKC Total Dog 3x